Casa Hood is named after its owner, Ray Hood (born and raised in Northern Michigan), who first arrived in Ecuador 1992 from San Francisco, CA where he lived and worked as a graphic designer/artist. In 1993 he arrived unexpectedly in Baños for a visit, fell in love with the town, and shortly thereafter founded his first restaurant.


At that time Baños had a unique alternative community made up of travelers, craftspeople and performers from around the globe. Musicians from Argentina, Brazil, France etc. regularly played the circuits in local restaurants. Jugglers, fire breathers and spontaneous jams were common in the streets. In that atmosphere, the café thrived. In 1998 Casa Hood was born in its current location.


Now, more than a decade later, Ray Hood and his wife Alegria are proud to be the owners of one of Baños’ most popular restaurants, where visitors can taste some of the best food and barista-quality coffee in the country.


Over the years our little café has been a home away from home for many travelers and we dedicate our success to our great staff and to our wonderful customers who come from all corners of the globe to explore and play in the lovely community that is Baños.

About Casa Hood

Many people ask: What is more important in a restaurant -- good service or good food? En Casa Hood we try to do both, and always with a smile. Many of our customers have become our friends thanks to the friendly atomsphere that we try to maintain in the restaurant.